Madhava Agave Five Drink Mix Raspberry Refresh - 6 PK

Madhava Agave Five® Drink Mix Raspberry Refresh. Naturally sweet. 100% All-natural. Made with organic sweeteners. 5 Sweet little calories. No GMOs. Sweeten your water and your day. Ahh! AgaveFive® raspberry refresh is pure, clean and delightfully refreshing with only 5 sweet little calories per serving. That means you can sip (or gulp) this all-natural quencher anytime or anywhere with no bitter chemical aftertaste. Simpler than adding raspberries to your water, our mix is the perfect way to add flavor. And we keep it clean. Nothing artificial here. You'll get zero chemicals, additives, or preservatives. Pretty sweet, right 800.530.2900. Certified organic by: Colorado Dept. of Agriculture. Vegan. Gluten free. Sweetened organically. No chemical aftertaste. All-natural ingredients. Paperboard packaging. 100% Recycled fibers. Sustainable forestry initiative. Certified sourcing. Carton Made With Wind Energy™.