Lucys Cookies, Chocolate

No peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs. Gluten free. Dear friends, Thank you for buying Lucy's cookies. As an M.D. And a mother of a child with severe allergies, I know how difficult it can be to find high-quality foods that taste great. That's why I started my own line of cookies. They're delicious and loaded with healthy ingredients. I hope they make your life a little easier, and a whole lot tastier. Enjoy! - Dr. Lucy. Food allergies? Lucy's cookies are made in our own carefully controlled bakery with specially selected ingredients. As an added precaution we test for trace amounts of milk, egg, gluten, peanut and almond. No nuts. 0 mg cholesterol. 0 g trans fat. Serving contains 1/21 cup gluten free oats. Certified gluten-free. Certified vegan. Virginia's finest. Baked in USA.