Long Island Iced Tea Green & Honey Tea

Long Island Brand Green & Honey Tea Iced Tea™. The original. 100% pure cane sugar. Non GMO. No additives + filtered water. Thank you for choosing Long Island Brand Iced Tea... don't worry, the cashier won't ask you for your 1.0. at the register. They don't need to. Name aside, this drink is not what you think, unless you already know it's a refreshing, non-alcoholic blend of hand-picked tea leaves, natural flavors with a touch of cane sugar. Long Island Brand makes tea that tastes like TEA-full-bodied flavors crafted with premium ingredients. And if your taste buds prefer a milder, lighter brew, simply serve over ice or add water. Our teas are 100% unadulterated! Refreshing and delicious Long Island Brand Iced Tea... It's "From Mother Nature's Top Shelf™. Non GMO. Gluten free. 1.855.542.2832. www.longislandicedtea.com.