Lizis Granola, Molasses and Pecan

Naturally luxurious. GL measured. Glycemic load: 4.4 g glucose equivalent per serving. 100% natural. Wheat free (For celiacs - natural field oats may contain very small traces of wheat. We cannot guarantee that this product is gluten free). Dairy free. My molasses and pecan granola has been specially formulated for slow energy release and low glycemic (blood sugar) impact. I've used gently roasted pecans giving a lovely warm, golden taste which is enhanced by blackstrap molasses. It makes a great dessert topping as well as a wonderful breakfast with fresh fruit and yoghurt. Pecans, like other nuts, are good for you because they contain anti-oxidants and minerals. Blackstrap also contains trace elements which are lost in refined sugar. Glycemic load (GL) has been measured to be only 4.4 g glucose equivalent per 30 g serving. Food servings with GL less than 10 g have low blood sugar impact. High in fiber. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Product of the UK.