Lifeway Frozen Kefir, Pomegranate

With other natural flavors. Tart and tangy. 10 probiotics. Only 90 calories per serving. 99% lactose free. All natural. Gluten free. 90 calories. What is Kefir? Kefir is the tart and refreshing cousin of yogurt. National Kefir Association. Certified gluten-free. Kefir History: Kefir is the smooth, tart, and refreshing cousin of yogurt. Originating in Eastern Europe over 2000 years ago, kefir's probiotic cultures have long been enhancing feelings of well being - the name is even thought to have been derived from the Turkish word keif for good feeling. Contains 10 Live & Active Cultures: L. casei; L. lactis; L. acidophilus; L. plantarum; L. rhamnosus; B. bacterium longum; Leuconostoc cremoris; B. bacterium breve; S. diacetylactis; S. florentinus. Facebook: Lifewaykefir. Twitter: (at) Lifeway_kefir. Pinterest: Lifewaykefir.