Legacy Juice Works Cold Pressed Juice Big Shot

Legacy Juice Works Cold Pressed Juice Big Shot. Love life. Be free. Apple. Lemon. Cayenne. Ginger. Perishable. 12 fl.oz. (355 ml). Our company began in 2013 as "Saratoga Juice Bar," a small cold pressed juice bar located in Saratoga Springs, NY. One of the very first stores of its kind in the region, we were deeply inspired by the 200 year legacy of health and wellness that Saratoga Spring is known for. This history lives on in Legacy Juice Works; the wholesale side of our company that shares the same integrity and commitment to your health as our original small store. Our cold pressed juice is crafted with care and then placed through a cold water pressure process that retains 100% of all the vitamins, minerals and live enzymes of natural whole food. No water, no purees - just juice - made with the finest and freshest produce available in the marketplace. We use cold pressure processing to ensure our juice is fresh, safe and filled with maximum nutrition. 100% Fresh juice. Vegan. Free of gluten, dairy, nuts and soy. www.legacyjuiceworks.com.