La Chona® Cotija Mexican Style Grated Cheese 16 oz. Bag

Whatever the recipe, whatever the occasion, La Chona has the products you need to add an authentic touch to every meal. La Chona offers a wide selection of high-quality creams, cheeses and packaged meats featuring traditional flavors and premium ingredients. With La Chona Cotija Mexican Style Grated Cheese, you can create any number of tasty treats from chilaquiles to elote. Use it to add flavor to casseroles, dips and soups or to top corn-on-the-cob, chili, garlic bread, pasta, pizzas, refried beans, salads, tacos, tostadas and so much more. La Chona Cotija Grated Cheese makes a great addition to a variety of foods. Sprinkle it on blackened corn cheese dip, chorizo pizza bites, fire-roasted tomato and pepper soup, spicy southwest chopped salad, taqueria style tacos, or whatever recipe you’re dreaming up. Whether you’re cooking for one or many, La Chona Cotija Grated Cheese is sure to please the palate and make every meal magnifico! Stock up today for all the fiestas of tomorrow. 16 oz. pack of high-grade cotija grated cheese Resealable pack keep contents fresh and ready to go Great for use in a wide range of dishes from enchiladas to tacos and tamales, allowing for more versatility in the kitchen Strong, salty flavor makes the ideal garnish for a variety of foods Offers great taste and softens with ease, enhancing the overall flavor and presentation of food Good source of calcium and free of trans fat and gluten Adds an authentic touch to any meal