Kraft Cheese Slices Slim Cut Sharp Cheddar - 17 CT

Kraft Cheese Slices Slim Cut Sharp Cheddar. Natural cheese. Not a reduced calorie food. Reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese slices. 1/3 Less fat than cheddar cheese. See nutrition information for saturated fat content. Made with 2% Milk. 35 calories. 2.5g of fat. Per slice. Per 3 slices: 110 calories. 4.5g sat fat, 23% DV. 300mg sodium, 13% DV. 0g sugars. 1 serving is 3 slices. Slim cut sharp cheddar...Any way you like it. Enjoy all the delicious taste you have come to expect from Kraft natural cheese, now in a thinner slice. Because they are thinner, you can add just a touch of sharp cheddar or load it up. It's the same great taste, no matter how you cut it. 1-800-634-1984, have package available. Zip-Pak®, the Zip-Pak logo® and the color line Design® are registered trademarks of ITW. Fat reduced from 12g to 8g per 35g serving. ©Kraft Foods.