Kingsford Smoking Chunks, Pecan

350 cu in (5 733.5 cubic cm). 100% natural. Sweet. Rich. Warm. Great with: beef; pork; ribs; lamb; chicken; fish; turkey; veggies. Kingsford pecan, hickory, mesquite, apple, and cherry smoking chunks deliver an authentic, rich smokehouse flavor to all your favorite grilled meats, fish & vegetables. Recommended Pairings: Pecan: Sweet, Rich, Warm: chicken, ribs, pork, fish, lamb, turkey, veggies. Our wood is heat treated to eliminate pests and prevent mold. Permit Nos. TDA-294, TDA-295, & TDA-299. Questions or comments? Please call Barbecue Wood Flavors at 972-875-8391. Made in the USA.