Kikkoman Pearl Soymilk, Organic, Green Tea

With organic green tea. Lactose free. Gluten free. Fortified calcium & vitamin (See side panel for nutrition information). USDA organic. Green tea lovers. Contains 7 g of protein per serving. On the road to good health, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Like drinking Pearl Green Tea Soymilk. Clean, fresh and delicate in flavor, Pearl Green Tea Soymilk is made with the finest, antioxidant-rich, organic green tea. Including Pearl Soymilk in your diet is a smart choice. We've taken great care to make your soymilk experience enjoyable. You drink soymilk for all the right reasons, we make sure those reasons taste good. The name, Pearl, embodies the essential qualities of our brand. Pearl Soymilk is lusciously rich and satin smooth, capturing the pure essence of soy goodness. The promise of Pearl is simply this: to provide soymilk of incomparable quality to meet your nutritional needs. Pearl Soymilk has impeccable soy credentials. It was created by Kikkoman, the company that has been transforming soybeans into legendary food products for more than three centuries. Pearl Green Tea Soymilk is: lactose-free; gluten-free in accordance with FDA regulations; as high in calcium, vitamins A and D as whole milk; low in saturated fat, total fat 3.5 g; cholesterol-free; preservative-free, with no artificial colors; made from soybeans that were not genetically engineered. For delicious recipes and more information, visit us at For centuries, the soybean has been venerated as a nutritional powerhouse in Asia. Modern science validates this claim. Soybeans are believed to have originated from China over 13,000 years ago. The soybean is now the most widely grown legume in the world, key benefits are related to soybeans' excellent protein content, numerous vitamins and minerals, its isoflavones and fiber. Good Housekeeping: Since 1909. Limited warranty to consumers. Replacement or refund if defective. Tetra Pak: Protects what's good. Certified organic by QAI. Product of USA.