Kashi® Good Friends® Cinna-Raisin Cereal 14 oz. Box

Cereal lovers like you first inspired us to make good friends ®. Recently we asked people to share their stories about someone who inspired them. One of our favorite stories came from karli, who shared the goodwill of her best friend and sister, raulee. A piano player since she was in elementary school, raulee donates her time to local school choirs, orchestras and any organization in need of a pianist. She's also an amazing cook, ready to whip up a tasty dinner for her family and anyone in need of a home-cooked meal at a moment's notice. In her neighborhood, she has become a source of stability for kids who have encountered misfortune. "To these kids, she is a second mom," says karli. "She is carol brady, betty crocker, beethoven, jane goodall and confucius all wrapped up into one person." Your acts of kindness are inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing, raulee and karli! Purple box, cinnamony crunch, good friends cereal I love a bunch! How could something so nutritious end up being so delicious? Once you've found good friends, nothing else will do! Shortly after kashi began, we started to receive letters of appreciation that shared how our foods were making a positive difference. We were inspired to make good friends ® with your successes in mind--a cereal that helps you stay on your healthy path by offering the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. Naturally tasty. We baked up a tasty trio of toasty whole grain flakes, crispy bran blossoms, and crunchy granola with a pinch of warm cinnamon. Then we added plump, flavorful raisins for the perfect touch of natural sweetness. Made from kashi seven whole grains & sesame ® unique blend, good friends cinna-raisin crunch ® is naturally sweetened and free of artificial flavors and preservatives for pure nourishment. Feel good with fiber. With just one serving good friends gives you 32% of your daily fiber needs, and as a part of a high fiber diet, helps fill you up and promotes digestive health. Fiber can also help support a healthy heart*. Make new friends...looking for more good friends? Then we invite you to try our original good friends cereal in the red box. Best of health, from kashi to good friends! ®, ™, © 2010 Kashi Company. Quartet of flakes, blossoms, granola & raisin cereal 32% of your daily fiber needs Kosher