Justins Hazelnut Butter Blend, Chocolate

Naturally delicious. Allow me to introduce the Hazelnut. AKA the Cobnut. AKA the Filbert Nut. AKA the Booyah Nut. Can you guess which of those I made up? Never mind, it's not important. What is important is that I only use the finest dry roasted Booyah Nuts and organic chocolate when I make this. The result is rich, delicious and has half the sugar of the competition. - Justin. 4 g protein. 0 g trans fat. 50% less sugar than leading brand (over 50% less sugar than leading hazelnut spread brand. Sugar has been reduced from 18 g to 7 g per 32 g serving). Gluten free. Vegan. justins.com. BPA free.