Juisi 100% Juice, Carrot Root

With vanilla bean, orange, & ginger. Raw & cold-pressed. Antioxidants & potassium. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Safe with HPP no heat. The History of Orange Carrots: In the 17th century, Dutch growers cultivated the first orange carrots as a tribute to William of Orange, who led the struggle for Dutch independence. Just like that, years of white, yellow, and purple carrot history was wiped out. While orange carrots did not even exist prior to the 16th century, they are now the most common carrot found in household today. Vanilla bean was 1st brought to Europe by Hernan Cortes in the 1520's, however, Charles Francois Morren (a Belgian botanist) is credited with cultivating it in Europe during the year 1837. Artfully crafted juices & dairy free milks. Traceability: At Juisi, we take a responsible approach in using local or organic for any ingredient at risk of pesticides or GMO's. Local produce + clean produce. Find out more on how we choose our ingredients at: drinkjuisi.com/traceability. 1 Bottle Contains: Vitamin A 470%, 32% potassium, B6 20%, B1 10%, 20% manganese, vitamin C 120%. drinkjuisi.com. 100% juice. Raw/vegan/gluten & dairy free. Kept raw & safe with HPP. BPA free packaging. drinkjuisi.com.