JOYBOL Cereal Alternatives Kellogg's , Granola Smoothie Bowl, Strawberry Almond with Quinoa, Breakfast Made Easy

Kellogg's joybol Granola Smoothie Bowls, Strawberry Almond with Quinoa, a creamy strawberry smoothie base with the crunchy goodness of whole grain oats and almonds. A quick and simple, no-blender-needed granola smoothie bowl; just add cold water or your favorite milk, give it a spin with a spoon, and get eating. A creamy, crunchy way to bring a burst of joy and energy to your day, joybol Granola Smoothie Bowls are ready to eat in seconds and are the perfect complement to the busiest of mornings, afternoons, and late-night work sessions. With 11g of protein per 60g serving, these smoothie bowls help give moms the confidence to fuel their families for the long day ahead. joybol is packaged for convenience in an easy-to-hold, recyclable bowl and makes a tasty breakfast or snack that's easily stored in the pantry, office or college dorm room.It's simple; Just add cold water or your favorite milk, stir, and enjoy your granola smoothie bowl; The breakfast choice everyone will loveStrawberry almond-flavored, creamy, crunchy granola and protein deliciousness; bringing unexpected joy with minimal effortMade with 11g of protein per 60g serving; Layers of delicious textures from real ingredients like whole grain oats, fruits and nuts; Non-GMO Project Verified; No artificial flavors & colors from natural sourcesQuick, hassle-free smoothie bowl for adults and kids alike; Add cold water or milk, stir, and go for an easy breakfast or snack at the office, school, home or on-the-go; No blender or refrigeration required; Packaged for freshness and great tasteIncludes 1, 2.1 ounce single-serve granola smoothie bowl; Packaged in a more recyclable bowl, with 70 percent less waste (when compared to original packaging)