JOHNNIE WALKER Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker is a blended malt that celebrates whiskies inspired by pioneering women and the progress they've achieved. This limited release, original blend crafted by Master Blender Emma Walker honors Elizabeth Cumming, the matriarch of Cardhu Distillery, who owned, operated and brought the distillery to flourishing success. Sold to the Walker family in 1893, single malt from Cardhu is at the heart of Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker. Aged 10 years, this well-rounded and smooth blend features notes of ripe orchard fruit and white peaches which develop into hints of baked apple and sweet cream, then lead to a dark chocolate finish. Best enjoyed in the company of friends, Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker is perfect on the rocks or in a Jane Walker signature cocktail. For a Cool Jane cocktail, combine with vanilla extract, tonic water and the juice of a lemon wedge in an ice-filled highball glass. Throw away the lemon then garnish with a long cucumber slice and enjoy. Includes one 83.8 proof 750 mL bottle of Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker Blended Malt Scotch Whisky. This Women's History Month, we're raising a glass to Emma Walker and craftswomen everywhere who inspire innovation and resilience. Keep walking. Please drink responsibly.