Jlab JBuddies Headphones, Folding, Kids

Perfect for kids between 2 - 8 years old. Safe: keeps volume below 85dB. Kid sized. Compact. Safe volume regulator. Compact. 6 3d stickers. Safe: High quality sound bulit with a volume regulator to stay safely below 85db. JBuddies come with a lifetime warranty to ensure reliability. Comfy: Sized for kids with a small adjustable headband. Built comfortable and strong with soft pillow cushions and a durable band. Compact: Custom designed hinges fold into the palm of your hand for easy storage and travel. Fun: JBuddies are packaged with 3D stickers to customize each headphone. Package Contents: 6 3D stickers. Adjustable headband with hinge. Soft pillow cushion with volume regulation. Customized 3D sticker. Official audio partner of major league soccer. Limited lifetime warranty. 30 day satisfaction guarantee. CE listed. jlabaudio.com. (hashtag)findyourgo. Recyclable. Designed in California. Assembled in China.