Java Factory Roasters Coffee, Light, S'Mores, Single Serve Cups

Limited edition seasonal coffee. Chocolate + graham cracker + marshmallow flavored coffee. Brew over ice. 100% premium arabica beans. S'mores marshmallow. Chocolate. Mug. Steam. Beans. Flavored. Roast. Caffeine. Summer. S'Mores: An old campfire legend has it that the graham cracker was invented for a singular, noble purpose: to sandwich an ooey-gooey filling of toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate. Infused with the decadent flavors of all three, our S'mores coffee will make you a believer. Manufacturing great taste - one cup at a time! At the factory, we carefully handcrafted each of our specialty roasts with an obsessive attention to detail because we love coffee as much as you do. We labor over every flavor, note, and aroma to bring you coffees that are so smooth and flavorful you'll want to drink them all day long. So, go ahead and have another. Box made from recycled materials.