Imagine Natural Creations Organic Soup, Creamy Acorn Squash & Mango

USDA organic. This beautifully smooth, garden fresh soup has delightful color. It is a simple blend of delicious vegetables and fruit to be enjoyed hot or cold as a perfect beginning to a light lunch - or dinner - any time of the year. Show your creativity and try some of these serving suggestions: Dress it up with a slice of lime, slices of mango, and a sprig of mint. Top off with exotic greens, mango slices and a raspberry sour cream swirl. Swirl in sour cream, top with spicy mango salsa and sprinkle with cinnamon. Serve either warm or chilled. All natural. Vegetarian. Non-dairy. Gluten free. No added MSG. No artificial ingredients. Preservative free. Homemade taste. Imagine a world of garden-fresh taste - where creamy organic goodness is minutes away, offering unique taste experiences to feed your creativity. Welcome to Imagine Natural Creations. Discover the rich, naturally sweet flavor of Imagine Creamy Acorn Squash and Mango Soup. Enjoy its smooth texture and savor the perfect balance of fresh herbs and delicate seasonings. One spoonful tells you that this soup is made from the finest organic vegetables, harvested at the peak of ripeness. Feed your imagination with the best nature has to offer. This container is not microwave safe. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International.