HurriClean Toilet and Tank Cleaner, Automatic, 3 Value Pack!

As seen on TV. The easiest way to clean toilets! New! Just pour in tank. No scrubbing! Cleans tank, bowl & jet stream. Eliminates stains from mold, bacteria, rust & mineral deposits. Safe on all parts - chlorine free & septic safe. The easiest way to clean your toilet & tank! Eliminates Stains from: mold; hard water stains; mildew; mineral deposits; bacteria & more! How it Works: HurriClean's cyclonic foaming action releases millions of powerful bubbles that scrub to remove the toughest stains and bacteria in your toilet's tank, bowl and jet stream. The fast-acting formula is tough enough to knock out mold, mildew and bacteria, but safe to use on all plumbing and septic systems! No harsh chemicals! No scrubbing! No mess! Safe on parts! Helps improve flush! Invented by a plumber! Made in the USA.