Honest Black Tea, Organic, Lemon Grove Maple

Naturally flavored with other natural flavors. Just a tad sweet. 1% for the planet. 60 calories per bottle. USDA organic. Fair trade certified tea & sugar. Naturally flavored with other natural flavors Maple trees and lemon groves may not exactly grow side by side, but their harmonious combination makes our lemon grove maple black tea music to our taste buds. Made with organic and fair trade certified ingredients, this tea will have you shaking your 'grove' thang right along with us. Honestly yours, Seth & Barry. P.S. Lemons are thought to have been first cultivated in Assam, the region of India that currently grows our black tea leaves. Looks like the lemon doesn't fall far from the tea. Caffeine 63 mg/ bottle about 1/3 the caffeine of 16 fl oz brewed coffee. Contains less than 1% juice. Certified organic by Pennsylvania certified organic at least 80% fair trade certified ingredients 1% for the planet certified product line. Fair trade certified tea & sugar. 1% for the planet. USDA organic. no GMOs. Gluten free. no GMOs means that if there is a bioengineered version of an ingredient, we don't use it. SmartLabel: Scan for more food information. We welcome your honest feedback. 800-865-4736 honesttea.com. how2recycle.info.