Henry's Orange Hard Soda, 24 Pack, 12 fl. oz. Bottles, 4.2% ABV

Henry Weinhard loved some good hard fun. He won a lot of hard-earned success, but still found time to enjoy life. When a fountain was built in his honor in 1887, naturally he offerd to pump beer through it for all to enjoy. We made Henry's Hard Soda to carry on that playful spirit and encourage fun-lovers of all (legal) ages to crack open some Henry's for some Good Hard Fun. Henry's Hard Soda is a flavored malt beverage with 4.2% alcohol by volume, made with natural flavors and cane sugar. It has familiar and refreshing flavors like Orange, Grape, and Lemon Lime. Grab a six pack of Henry's Hard Soda perfect for any social occasion, such as: barbeques, cookouts, bonfires, tailgating, game nights and beach parties. Henry's Hard Soda is also a great add in for some of your favorite summer treats like ice cream floats, ice pops, and slushies. Henry's Hard Soda is a flavored malt beverage Unique blend of Valencia orange flavor to provide a fresh, juicy orange taste with a sweet and satisfying citrus finish Enjoy with family and friends, day or night, during casual get togethers like BBQs and game nights! Fruity & Flavorful with 4.2% ABV