Heluva Good! Dip French Onion

Heluva Good!® Dip French Onion. Party Size. Net Wt 1 LB 8 OZ (680g). There are lot of ways to enjoy the bold taste of Heluva Good! Real sour cream dips! Try these unique ideas: Use Heluva Good! as the base to a tasty marinade for steaks and chicken. Mix Heluva Good! into your favorite salad dressing for that extra zing. Spread Heluva Good! onto sandwiches for an new twist in place of mayo. Bring life to veggies by adding a bit of Heluva Good! on top. Grade A. All rights reserved. Questions and Comments Call 1-888-611-4341. We’d love to hear about your favorite Heluva Good! party recipes … send us your suggestions on www.heluvagood.com. © 2016 HP Hood LLC.