Hello Fresh Steakhouse Sirloin

Steakhouse sirloin with garlic mashed potatoes and creamed kale. Serves 2. Ready in 30 minutes. Easy-to-cook recipe & pre-measured ingredients. Kit Includes: sirloin steak, yukon gold potatoes, kale, garlic, beef demi-glace, sour cream. cream cheese. Easy to cook. Easy to love. Recipe card inside! hellofresh.com/yum. For more recipes & exclusive deals, head to hellofresh.com/yum. Great news! This sleeve and tray are 100% recyclable. Product of: Potato USA/Canada, Sirloin Steak USA, Green Beans USA/Mexico, Shallot USA/Canada/France/Holland, Parmesan Cheese USA, Sour Cream USA, Sherry Vinegar Spain, Beef Stock Concentrate USA, Garlic Powder China. Made in the USA.