Helens Asian Kitchen Wok, Carbon Steel, 14 Inches

Natural bamboo handles. Dedicated on the Art of Eastern Cooking. Heavy gauge professional select. As well-seasoned carbon steel wok with its natural nonstick patina is the prize of every Asian Kitchen. - Helen Chen. Traditional heavy-gauge carbon steel for quick heat response and uniform heating. Versatile - stir fry, stew, deep fry, saute, braise, boil and so much more. Flat bottom sits securely on any stovetop - gas, electric or induction. Heat - resistant natural bamboo handles. Important: please follow use and care instructions. Not a affiliated with Joyce Chen Products. Stir fry, saute and more. Welcome to Helen's Asian Kitchen - an in-depth, quality resource for your own Asian kitchen. I learned to cook the old-fashioned way - from my mother. Developed through many years of culinary experience. this innovative collection provides the high-quality standards serious cooks demand and every cook deserves. Join me in Helen's Asian Kitchen and experience the romance and excitement of traditional Asian cuisine without the mystery. - Helen Kitchen. Your carbon steel wok: Our carbon steel woks are coated with a protective finish to prevent the pan from rusting during transit. Before using for the first time, clean thoroughly, then season to seal the surface and prevent rusting. Successive seasoning and regular use will gradually build a black patina, providing a smooth, stick-resistant surface, much like a well-seasoned cast iron skillet. The more you use your pan, the darker and more stick-resistant it becomes. Note: It is completely normal for an unseasoned wok to develop rust. Rust will not harm or alter the performance of the wok in any way. Simply scour the rusted areas and season as instructed. Full use and care instructions included inside. Lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects in workmanship. www.HelensAsianKitchen.com. www.HaroldImport.com. Visit us on the web at www.HelensAsianKitchen.com. Made in Taiwan.