Golden Krust Mild Patties, Jamaican Style

0 g trans fat; 350 calories; 12 g protein per serving. No soy. Non GMO Project verified. Plant-based protein turnover. Heat & eat. Made with beyond meat. World's first Jamaican Patty made with plant-based protein. We are proud to bring to you the first Jamaican style patty made with plant-based protein in the world. By partnering with beyond meat, Golden Krust takes its same authentic Jamaican herbs and spices from our secret family recipe, wraps them in our trademark flaky pastry pocket - then bakes it all to perfection. These patties are certified plant-based and non-GMO verified. No soy. No beef. The filling is made with proteins, extracts and oils from ingredients such as peas, coconut, rice, cocoa, mung bean and pomegranate. And after more than 30 years of perfecting our patties, we cannot tell the difference between our traditional beef patties and our new plant-based protein patties. Can you? Baked with love by the Golden Krust family. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. For more information and to check out all our great patties scan the QR code or visit us at: Made in NYC.