Golden Island Pork Jerky, Korean Barbecue Recipe, Fire-Grilled

All natural (Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients). No added hormones (Pork used is raised without hormones. Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork). No nitrites. Gluten free. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Asian tradition with a twist. Each piece of our Korean Barbecue recipe pork jerky is carefully sliced, seasoned, and individually grilled for a uniquely tender texture and bold taste. With intense flavors of sesame and spices, this savory and tender jerky will become one of your favorite snacks. Our Story: Over 50 years ago, in the small Taiwanese city of Chang Hua, a former medical student began a quest to create food that did not require refrigeration given the scarcity of resources in the country. By blending art and science, he and his family created Golden Island handcrafted gourmet jerky. Thankfully his son brought their unique process to the US for us to enjoy. Today, we still use the same unique method of making jerky. We fire grill or kettle cook our meats to perfection in small batches and use all natural ingredients, ensuring that each piece delivers unexpectedly rich flavor, enticing aromas, and a tender texture. From fiery to sweet to zesty to smoky, it is jerky that satisfies like no other. Golden Island. Making exceptional, handcrafted jerky has been our passion for over 50 years. Questions? Comments? Call 1-844-362-3222. Visit us online at Product of USA.