Godiva Chocolate Creations, Assorted, Goldmark

This indulgent Godiva assortment features: Dark chocolate coconut (1): coconut macaroon and creamy coconut fondant in dark chocolate with milk chocolate stringing. Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven (2): A heavenly hazelnut praline covered in milk chocolate. Milk Chocolate Caramel Embrace (2): Soft vanilla caramel enrobed in milk chocolate. White Chocolate Sugar Cookie (1): a layer of sweet, white chocolate ganache inspired by the buttery, vanilla flavor of sugar cookies, in a white chocolate shell. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Velvet (1): Tangy raspberry filling blended into a chocolate ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate. Dark Chocolate Eclipse (2): An intense 72% cacao dark chocolate mousse wrapped in sumptuous dark chocolate. Milk Chocolate Creme Puff (1) Creme filling inside a milk chocolate shell. Milk chocolate almond caramel (1): Crunchy almonds surrounded by luscious honey-infused caramel covered in milk chocolate. Belgium 1926. Since 1926, Godiva Chocolatier has been making the finest chocolate. Godiva's legendary heritage of quality craftsmanship combined with creatively modernized technology and recipes guarantees that every pieces of Godiva will spark joy. With just one bite you'll experience Godiva's deliciously rich chocolate; complex, layered and sure to delight all five of your senses. Exact pieces may vary. www.godiva.com.