GLUTASOLVE Unflavored Glutamine Powder 0.79 oz. Pack

Glutamine Module: quickly dissolves; 30 g of glutamine in 2 packets/day; ideal for use with tube feeding or oral consumption; tastes great in hot or cold beverages. 15 g glutamine - 1 serving. Glutasolve powder is a Medical Food glutamine module specially formulated with glutamine and designed for the dietary support of those conditions associated with gastrointestinal (Gl) injury or disease. Glutamine, the key ingredient, is the preferred amino acid fuel source for the Gl tract and is recognized to play an important role in Gl health. Nitrogen Information Box: 1 serving of Glutasolve powder provides 15 g of the amino acid L-glutamine. The amount of nitrogen in one serving of Glutasolve powder is equivalent to the amount of nitrogen from 18 g of intact protein. A single amino acid does not meet the dietary requirement for protein.