Gibble's Cheese Puffys Original Cheese

Gibble's® Original Cheese Flavored Cheese Puffys®. Baked. With real cheese. Baked Cheese Puffys®. American family owned and operated. Nibble with Gibble's. Home style. Gibble's customers have been enjoying great tasting snacks made from the best ingredients since 1959. Every bag of Cheese Puffys® is made with a commitment to quality and freshness. We love making Cheese Puffys® because we love eating Cheese Puffys®. We choose to use real cheese for our Puffys® because that makes them taste the best to us. We know you will agree and we thank you for choosing our Cheese Puffys®! Gibble's Baked Cheese Puffys®. Real cheese for real taste for real people. Like our Cheese Puffys® Be sure to check out our other great tasting snacks: Gibble's home-style potato chips. Gibble's old fashion pretzels. Gibble's popcorn.