Geraldines Cheese Straws, Cheddar, Chipotle

Smokey & spicy. All natural. Baked. No trans fat per serving. What makes Geraldine's Cheese Straws so bodacious? It's all about the cheese! Look at the ingredient list. Our No. 1 item is cheese. Most cheese snacks have flour as the first ingredient. Geraldine's uses premium quality cheese, lots of it, mixed with other all natural ingredients then baked crisp for a truly bodacious taste sensation. It's the ultimate cheese snack! Make every day bodacious! No preservatives. Geraldine has long been famous for the rich cheddar taste of her Traditional Cheese Straws. So when her daughter Cathy married and moved away to South Texas, Geraldine regularly sent care packages filled with the home made treats Cathy had grown up with. Cathy's Texan husband enjoyed the packages but he had a taste for things hot and spicy. (No wonder he was so taken with Cathy.) Geraldine decided to make him a special cheese straw snack. She had heard about the mighty Chipotle Pepper, a roasted Jalapeno that smoothes out the sharp edges of the pepper and adds a smokey flavor to the heat. It was the perfect complement to the sharp cheddar cheese of the traditional recipe. After her first batch, she knew the two went together like boots on a Texas dance floor. Now Geraldine's Chipotle Cheese Straws are a hit across the country and her Traditional Cheese Straw has a twin. Twins must run in Geraldine's family because her twin grandchildren came along shortly. And, just like the cheese straws, one is traditional and the other is a little bit spicy.