Georgia Iced Coffee Mocha Carton, 16 fl oz

Naturally & artificially flavored with other natural flavors. Low sodium, 140mg or less per 240mL (8 fl. oz.) Caffeine Content: 34mg/8 fl. oz. prepared. It's now easier than ever to make your favorite iced or hot coffee drinks at home. Our coffee concentrates are chilled to help maintain the smooth, rich flavors of our 100% Arabica beans and one carton makes up to 18 cups of coffee. Simply pour, add milk or water, and enjoy a freshly made iced or hot coffee. Our coffee concentrates are convenient to use, easy to handle and easy to store in your refrigerator. Perfect for all your coffee needs at home, work or on-the-go. Add Milk or Water Chilled for Great Flavor Makes up to 18 Cups Based on an 8 fl. oz. Serving 50 Calories per 8 fl. oz. Prepared Smooth, Rich, 100% Arabica Kosher Dairy