Gardein Chick 'N Strips, Meatless

Sauced, wrapped or on the side, these versatile strips are the start of a delicious meal! Deliciously meat-free. Always vegan. Certified vegan. Made with Non-GMO ingredients. Dairy-free. Kosher. Made with plant protein. Good source of protein. Meal maker. Ready in only 5 mins. 0 mg cholesterol; 130 calories per serving. Ready in minutes. Gardein brings award-winning taste to every meatless meal, whether it's a dinner, snack or special occasion. Created by our dedicated chefs - the center of your plate is the center of our world. Be inspired. Eat well. Our chick'n strips are the beginning of your favorite meals stirfries, quick wraps, tacos, curries, pastas, pizzas or added to a salad. Imagine the possibilities! Get social with us: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Instagram; YouTube. We'd love to hear from you! 1.877.305.6777. Delicious recipes at Recipes, awards and more at Made in Canada.