Wyman's of Maine® Triple Berry with Wild Blues Frozen Fruit 3 lb. Bag

3 pounds same size! Wild blueberries inside! Sustainably harvested. Wild blueberries have up to 2x antioxidant activity compare to ordinary blueberries (See wymans.com for details). No sugar added. Nothing artificial. No preservatives. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Family owned in Maine since 1874. Thank you for picking up a bag of Wyman's - one of the only wild things you'll find in the grocery store! We're a family owned business from Maine - home to moose bear, light houses, rocky shores, and the perfect ecosystem for a remarkable fruit to grow in abundance: the wild blueberry. Wild blueberries are different. They aren't planted by man. They aren't organized into perfect rows. They spread through horizontal underground stem and root systems (called rhizomes) and cover the beautiful landscape like a carpet. They've been growing in our glacial soils for over 10,000 years and we've been lucky to harvest them for the last 140 or so. We think you'll agree after just one taste, that their bold flavor is truly second to none. As we've grown, we've built relationships with like-minded partners to create fruit blends that include other delicious, sustainably harvested fruits from around the world to complement our wild blueberries. We've also recently developed an exciting may of innovative fruit products in convenient Packaging, all geared towards making it easier for more people to eat healthy and delicious whole fruits. We hope you'll give them a try - and we thank you for your support! The Wyman Family: John, Liz, Nick, Sarah & Tom. Our Promise: We strive to freeze our fruit with 24 hours of harvest to lock nutrition and flavor at its peak. We ensure our quality consistently excess USDA grade A standards. We use state of the art sorting technology to select only the very best fruit. We thoroughly wash all our fruit in a robust, effective, multi-stage process. We ensure our wild berries and all our fruit are always Non-GMO. Learn more at wymans.com. Washed & ready to serve. Perfect for: Smoothies; baking; snacking; or as a topping on yogurt; cereals and salads.