White Castle Sliders, The Original

Hamburgers. Meat is 100% beef. 24 microwaveable sliders., Home of the original slider., Welcome to the land of slider perfection. You're holding the one-of-a-kind, craveable flawlessness of our 100% beef patty, steam-grilled onions, and our delicious signature bun. Perfect as a lunch, dinner, in-between pick-me-up or that moment when you say, I just wanna have something great right now! We get it. We're here for you., White Castle is America's first hamburger chain and has been a family-run business since 1921. We're the home of The Original Slider, and these White Castle Sliders right here are the ones that started it all! You can get them in any of our restaurants or in the frozen aisle. www.whitecastle.com. www.whitecastle.com., Facebook., Instagram., Twitter. Proof of Purchase: If you have any questions or comments about this product, retain packaging and call 1-800-843-2728. Or write to us and attach panel below with the printed code for proof of purchase. Carton is recyclable. Check to see if recycling facilities exist in your area.