Vitalicious Flatbread Sandwiches, VitaEgg, Veggie Sausage

With VitaEgg & veggies & cheese on flatbread. All you love in egg whites, plus vital nutrients you need from yolks. Part of a heart healthy diet. While many factors affect heart disease, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of this disease. New! Cholesterol-free. Individually wrapped. Lutein & choline, omega-3 DHA, whole grain, 3 g fat per serving. 15 g protein (30% DV), 9 g fiber (36% DV), 160 calories per serving. Delicious: Pleasure & satisfaction. High Fiber: Feel full longer. Omega-3 DHA: Heart healthy. Lutein, Choline, Omega-3 DHA: Eye & brain nutrients. 15 g Protein: Builds your body. Peace of Mind: No artificial preservatives or coloring. The first delicious 160-calorie Veggie Sausage VitaEgg on flatbread. Lower calories are just the beginning. Nutrient density and great taste are what set Vitalicious apart. We went to great lengths to ensure that when you skip the yolks and eat only egg whites, your body is benefiting from vital nutrients such as lutein, choline and DHA, which are essential for eye and brain health. The VitaEgg Story: All you love in egg whites, plus vital nutrients you need from yolks. Egg whites' perfect protein with all 9 essential amino acids + yolks' powerhouse of nutrient without cholesterol: lutein, choline & DHA for eye and brain health = VitaEgg perfect protein, no cholesterol, plus vital nutrients found in egg yolks. Product does not contain egg. Why is VitaEgg better than egg whites alone? Real egg whites are perfect proteins, but the yolk is where the essential vitamins and minerals are found. VitaEgg has protein and vital nutrients. We built a VitaEgg with vital nutrients present in nutritionally superior egg yolks, plus rich taste, protein, no cholesterol, low fat and lower calories. Whole-Grain Flatbread: Then, we sandwiched it in a Vitalicious high-fiber, whole-grain flatbread. Great Taste: Just heat and eat for a rich, satisfying, and healthier sandwich than egg whites alone. Whole Grain: 8 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. Weight Watchers PointsPlus Value 3 (The PointsPlus value for this product was calculated by Vitalicious, Inc., and is provided for informational purposes only. This is not an endorsement, sponsorship or approval of this product or its manufacturer by Weight Watchers International, Inc., the owner of the Weight Watchers and PointsPlus registered trademarks). Lutein: 0.4 mg (or 400 ug), choline: 150 mg, DHA: 160 mg per serving. Adds an insignificant amount of dietary cholesterol. Enjoy eye & brain nutrients found in the yolk: lutein, choline & omega-3 DHA. 160 mg omega-3 DHA. 15 g protein (30% DV). 3 g fat (4% DV). 9 g fiber (36% DV). No artificial preservatives or coloring. 160 calories. Product of USA.