Vans Stuffed Sandwiches, Ham & Cheddar Cheese

Ham & cheddar cheese in a golden crust. All natural pork used (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients). Pork used raised without antibiotics. Pork used raised without growth promotants. No nitrites or nitrates added (except for the naturally occurring nitrates in carrot powder and sea salt. U.S. Inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Ready to cook. Van's Stuffed Sandwiches are fast, delicious and bursting with flavor! Van's - a brand people know and love for gourmet waffles - is now open all day serving hot and hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner meals! What's more, Van's Stuffed Sandwiches will fit into your busy lifestyle and can be eaten on the run, at your desk or just about anywhere. Nourishing and delicious, and only minutes to prepare, they are made using the finest ingredients. Kids love the taste - you'll love the wholesomeness. So when life gets busy, do the smart thing - grab a Van's Stuffed Sandwich!