Steak-Eze® Philly Steak, Bacon & Cheddar Sandwich 4.66 oz. Box

With pasteurized process cheddar cheese. Made with hearth-baked Amoroso's bread & rolls. Philadelphia's famous bread co - In Philadelphia since 1904. Angus thinly sliced beef. Fully cooked. The flavors of Philly all rolled up in tradition. If you've ever been to Philadelphia, you understand the delicious combinations that make every Steak-Eeze sandwich taste so great. Each precooked, perfectly seasoned sandwich is made with hand-placed cuts of angus beef, bacon and slices of golden cheddar cheese. Then we wrap it all up in another Philly tradition - a hearth-baked roll from the one and only Amoroso's Baking Company that - helped put cheesesteaks on the map. Facebook/steakeze.