Steak-Eze® Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich 5.15 oz. Box

Made with hearth-baked Amoroso's™ Bread Rolls. Philadelphia's famous bread Co. With grilled onions, peppers, & white American cheese. The flavors of Philly all rolled up in tradition. If you've ever been to Philadelphia, you understand the delicious combinations that make every Steak-Eze® sandwich taste so great. Each precooked, perfectly seasoned sandwich is made with hand-placed cuts of Angus beef, white American cheese, and grilled onions & peppers. Then we wrap it all up in another Philly tradition--a hearth--baked in roll from the one and only Amoroso's baking company that helped put cheesesteaks on the map. Angus Thinly Sliced Beef Heat 'N Eat Fully Cooked