Annie's Homegrown Rising Crust Pizza Bbq Recipe Chicken Family Size

White meat chicken, Annie's BBQ sauce, mozzarella & provolone cheeses, and red onion. Made with organic flour & tomatoes. Sweet & kickin barbeque recipe chicken! Made with goodness! No artificial flavors or colors. 100% real cheese. Made with whole grains. Natural (Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients) white meat chicken. Chicken used raised without antibiotics. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Dear Friend, I co-founded Annie's back in 1989, and I'm writing this letter from the same farmhouse where Bernie, my pet rabbit, shared my living and office space during Annie's start-up days. Bernie had a favorite lounging place in the company's office and was privy to my conversations with consumers who were ordering cases of Shells & Cheddar. Callers frequently asked, Is this really Annie? It was. In that same office, I wrote countless longhand letters to consumers who shared their Annie's stories, drawings, and often photos of the Bernies in their lives. My refrigerator was covered with pictures of beloved bunnies! I still work from the same home office, and I'm still involved with Annie's. My husband, our two young daughters and I live a simple life, working together on our small family farm where we grow organic vegetables and hay. Throughout Annie's extraordinary growth, one phrase remains a constant with me - customer loyalty. You have been steadfastly supportive and uniquely loyal. I remain humbled by and grateful for your belief in Annie's over the years. Bye for now - Annie. Meet Bernie! Bernie was Annie's pet Dutch rabbit who lived on the farm and became so popular with friends and visitors that it was only fitting to put his picture on the box. Other companies have seals of approval; we have our rabbit of approval. Decades later, Bernie is still pictured on all of Annie's Homegrown products. Supporting Organic Farms: Organic farms grow the wheat and tomatoes to make flour for our rising crust pizza and to make our yummy tomato sauce to make your family meal super wholesome & delicious. We Reduce Our Bunny Footprint By Using: 100% recycled paperboard; renewable energy credits. Please reduce your footprint, too! Recycle/reuse this box. Contact us at Certified Organic by Midwest Organic Services Association, Inc. Made in USA.