Oggi Pizza, Gluten Free, Veggitaly

Fire roasted vegetables & goat cheese. Hand tossed. Stone baked. Gluten Free Certification Program: Beyond celiac. www.gf-cert.org. GMO free ingredients. Peanut free. Gluten Free Veggitaly Pizza: The Neapolitans have done it again! This special Veggitaly pizza is made with Italian fire roasted vegetables, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and topped with goat cheese and mozzarella. Pizza Oggi is made in a dedicated and certified gluten free facility. This delicious pizza has been exclusively prepared without gluten, so that everyone can enjoy the Pizza Oggi experience. Join the Family: www.oggifoods.com. Facebook: facebook.com/oggifoods. Questions? Oggi Foods Inc., Montreal, QC H1P 2Y8, 1-844-867-6444. Made in Canada from Canadian and imported ingredients.