Pier 33 Gourmet Mussels in Tomato Garlic Sauce 1 lb

New bolder taste! Fully cooked. Quick & easy. 6 min. 5 min. Committed to great taste, good health and convenience. Naturally rope-cultured in the pristine ocean waters of the Patagonia. Fun Mussel Facts: 1. The orange mussel meats are the females and white meats and the males. 2. The mollusk is also called a blue mussel and is rope cultured in the icy waters of Southern Chile. 3. Mussels can filter 10-18 gallons of water a day by absorbing nutrients from the water that passes over their gills. 4. The mussel's beard is use the mussel to attach itself to surfaces. It is so adhesive that i can even cling to Teflon. 5. Mussels contain iron, manganese, selenium and zinc; all essential for a healthy libido. 6. Mussels are bivalves. They are composed of two similar parts called valves hinged by a flexible ligament. No added preservatives. No added salt.