Wholly Wholesome Cherry Pie

Truly natural. Baked foods for the natural marketplace. 0 g Trans fat. Dairy free. Bake at home. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or additives. No hydrogenated fats or oils. No animal ingredients. Why Wholly Wholesome? Our products are free of synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and additives. Our products contain no conventionally refined sugars or synthetic sweeteners. We use organic evaporated cane juice which is less processed than conventionally refined sugar. Our products contain no hydrogenated fats, no palm kernel or cottonseed oils and no trans fatty acids. We use organic palm fruit shortening which contains no hydrogenated oil or trans fatty acids. Trans fats can raise LDL bad cholesterol and lower HDL good cholesterol. Our flour is organic and it is never bleached or bromated. Why unbleached? Chemical compounds are used to artificially whiten bleached flour. We choose not to use chemicals. Why unbromated? Flour has to be aged for the gluten to develop. Potassium bromide is used in bromated flour to artificially accelerate the aging process. We never use irradiated ingredients.