Birds Eye Vegetables & Sauce Pasta & Vegetables

Birds Eye Vegetables & Sauce Pasta & Vegetables. In a Creamy Cheese Sauce with Sweet Corn, Tender Broccoli & Julienne Carrots. Microwavable Portable Tray. Perfect for Lunch or as a Side Dish. Good Source of Vitamin C*. Low Cholesterol*. *See nutritional information for sodium content. Steps to a Healthier You. Vegetables play a Key Role in any Diet. Please send this proof of purchase, along with any correspondence relating to this product, to: Birds Eye Foods, Inc., Consumer Relations, P.O. Box 20382, Rochester, NY 14602-0382. Birds Eye Foods. Please call us with comments at 1-800-563-1786 M-F 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. EST or visit our website at Visit our website at for recipe ideas, vegetable facts and to subscribe to our free eNewsletter. Visit for recommended daily amounts.