P.F. CHANG'S Home Menu Veggie Shoyu Ramen Frozen Meal, 9.5 oz.

Enjoy layers of bold flavor with P.F. CHANG'S Home Menu Veggie Shoyu Ramen. In addition to delivering the impact of masterfully crafted ramen from your favorite restaurant, this convenient meal is filled with quality, vibrant ingredients that will make your mouth water. Each bite is packed with flavor from the mushroom-flavored broth, Chinese broccoli, mushrooms and scallions. Ready in a fraction of the time it takes to make authentic ramen from scratch, these single-serve frozen dinners are a quick, delicious meal. Veggie shoyu ramen is made with no preservatives, no artificial flavors and no artificial colors. Great for lunch or dinner, each serving contains 270 calories. With the P.F. CHANG'S Home Menu product line, you can bring the taste of your favorite Asian restaurant to your kitchen table. STAY IN. EAT LIKE YOU DIDN'T.