Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt, Coconut Caramel Chocolate Chip

New Flavor! Coconut frozen Greek yogurt bars with dark chocolate-flavored chips and a caramel swirl. 100 calories. Dessert With Benefits: 5 g protein; real Greek yogurt; a gluten free treat; 100 calories. Game On Foundation. It's game on, baby! Since Kindergarten, sports have taught us how to sweat, lead, and tackle obstacles head on. It's through this kind of hustle that we changed the dessert game, and now we want to inspire others to crush their goals, too. Join us as we give back to communities with our new sports initiative, the game on! foundation - cultivating the inner health rebel in everyone. - Amanda & Drew. Founders. Yasso.com/gameon. One giant leap for pintkind! 8 new pint flavors are now available! Caramel pretzel-mania. Chocolate PB & Yay. Rolling in the dough. Loco coco caramel. Best of both swirls. Mint champion-chip. Coffee brownie break. Party animal. Pick your favorite pint! Instagram. Snapchat. Facebook. Tweeter. yaso.com.