Enlightened Keto Collection Ice Cream Bars, Mint Chocolate Chip

1 g net carbs (11 g carbs - 2 g fiber - 8 sugar alcohol = 1 g net carbs). 1 g net carbs; less than 1 g sugar; 2 g protein. Gluten-free. No sugar added (Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie and sugar content). We're here to give you the good stuff; ice cream bars that hit the sweet spot of amazing taste, texture, and nutrition. Our Keto Collection means that delicious ice cream can be part of a keto a low-carb lifestyle. With just 1 net carb, you can enjoy a bar any time you want a sweet treat without all the sugar. Because ice cream should be about celebration, not compromise. Mint ice cream with chocolate chips. No artificial sweeteners. eatenlightened.com. Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. (at)eatenlightened. Find more ice cream online at eatenlightened.com. Try our other products! Keto collection. Light ice cream. Dairy-free.