Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream, Creme Brulee

Sweet custard ice cream with a carmelized sugar swirl. All natural. Vermont's finest. Pardon our French, but we swear you'll love the way our creme's brulee'd. Some say we're crazy, but ever since we turned the classic dessert they call creme brulee into this euphoric ice cream we call Ben & Jerry's, we're convinced the creme's a lot creme-ier and the brulee's a lot cooler, too. We don't have to tell you it's the coolest, creme-iest creme brulee ice cream we ever made, but we've always wanted to ask: Voulez vous beaucoup euphoria? Well, okay then! We oppose recombinant bovine growth hormone. The family farmers who supply our milk and cream pledge not to treat their cows with rBGH. The FDA has said no significant difference has been shown & no test can now distinguish between milk from rBGH treated & untreated cows. Not all suppliers of our other ingredients can promise that the milk they use comes from untreated cows. FSC mixed sources. USA approved.