Hersheys Ice Cream Ice Cream, Premium, Cookies & Cream

Premium vanilla ice cream loaded with delicious cookie pieces. Certified real ice cream. Product of Hershey Creamery Co. - Not affiliated with Hershey's chocolate. Real ingredients. Real Ice cream. Real smiles. You can be a kid everyday with our delicious Cookies & Cream ice cream. Smooth and creamy, premium vanilla ice cream loaded with cookie dust and tasty cookie chunks! Did you know? In 1983 Cookies & Cream ice cream was first introduced and quickly rose to hold the honor of the fastest growing ice cream flavor ever. With our premium and tasty cookies pieces you will see what all the raving is about! That's why it's premium. That's why it's real! Hershey's guarantees product quality! If dissatisfied, send reason, price paid, proof of purchase and date purchased. We will refund your money. Hershey Creamery Co. Mfr. 301 S. Cameron St. Harrisburg PA 17101-2815. hersheyicecream.com. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. Scan QR code with your smart phone.