Friendly's Dessert Cups Red Velvet Cake 8.5 Fluid Ounce

Friendly's Red Velvet Cake Dessert Cup is made with rich, 100% real ice cream and a wonderfully creamy texture. These frozen ice cream treats contain only high quality ingredients with a delicious taste that will help you satisfy every craving and celebrate every moment. These individual ice cream dessert cups contain red velvet cake pieces and red velvet cake filling, topped with cream cheese flavored ice cream, whipped topping and red sprinkles for a delightful, small ice cream treat you'll love. Available in single serve ice cream dessert cups, this red velvet ice cream treat is perfect to share or to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Since 1935, Friendly’s is proud to scoop up smile after smile in homes across the country. With traditional favorites, seasonal flavors and sundae-inspired indulgences, Friendly's ice cream strives to make the world a friendlier place, one scoop at a time.