Absolutely Free Ice Cream, Gourmet, Double Swirl Sundae

Fat free vanilla ice cream with fat free chocolate fudge sauce and fat free strawberry sauce. Fat free; Cholesterol, free; Lactose free; No sugar added. Only 80 calories per serving. Our ingredients are from wholesome and natural fruits, vegetables and dairy products (like skim milk, and whey), erythritol (naturally fermented from corn), inulin, (chicory vegetable fiber), maltodextrin and starch (from corn), Carrageenan (Irish moss), Xanthan gum fermented of carbohydrates), and Splenda/sucralose (from sugar). That's the Absolutely Free Gourmet difference! The creators of The Enlightened Gourmet, Inc. are from families that have spent generations as dairymen and ice cream manufacturers. As a testimonial to this heritage, they have combined their 180 years of collective ice cream and food knowledge an surrounded themselves with associates that share their vision and commitment to you and your familys health and eating enjoyment. Diet friendly, healthy lifestyle frozen dessert with the taste and texture of premium ice cream. Our Mission: We will seek out and identify diet/weight related issues that are concern to our families and friends. We will be good stewards of our collective years of ice cream manufacturing experience, using this knowledge to create better products than those currently available in the market place. We will apply our proprietary breakthrough technology for the combining of wholesome ingredients, to make products that you and your family will find satisfying and enjoyable. Our Commitment: Don't worry if you wish to restrict you or your family's sugar, lactose, fat or have concerns about cholesterol. All Absolutely Free products are fat free, cholesterol free, lactose free, and have no sugar added. We have not forgotten taste. We will provide you with the best tasting products possible! You have our word on it! - The Enlightened Gourmet, Inc. Weight Watcher Point (per serving) = 1.